Autumn 2020 courses – book online

Following updated Government Coronavirus guidelines, we have rescheduled our club coaching programme and are now planning to restart the Autumn 2020 term on Monday, December 7th.

Bookings are now being taken online for the revised term which will run for seven weeks, split over Christmas, as follows:

  • December 7-19, 2020.
  • January 11 – February 13, 2021.

Please take the time to read the following guide carefully before booking a place for either yourself or your child. If you have any questions, email

Timetable (click to enlarge or download)

Which course should I book?

The following age groups are available:

  • Early Years Tennis (6 years and under);
  • Mini Red Tennis (8 years and under);
  • Mini Orange Tennis (9 years and under);
  • Mini Green Tennis (10 years and under);
  • Junior Tennis (11-16);
  • Adult Tennis (17+).

Using the online system you will see different age groups followed by the level, day and time of the classes. Please only book the level of sessions you were attending in previous terms (Club, Development, Team) but feel free to change days and times. If you are keen to move up a level, please check with your coach first.

How do I book? 

Bookings can be made through our Connect online booking system. Please read the following instructions carefully.

Method 1 – existing customers

  • If you have attended a Team Bath Tennis course previously, please click here to login to your account with your email address and pin number. If you have forgotten you PIN number please use this link.
  • Select ‘Make a Booking’, then click on the course you would like to book and follow the instructions to make payment and confirm your place.
  • You will also be able to view your bookings via the ‘Manage Bookings’ tab at the top of the page.
  • Each person who plays must have their own account. For example, if you play and have two children on the programme you will have three different accounts, using the same email but with different pin numbers. We recommend keeping these numbers safe.

Method 2 – new customers

  • If you have not attended a Tennis course previously, please click here and select ‘Sign Up Now’.
  • Follow the instructions to sign up by entering the following information for each adult or child you wish to book. For children, please include their name and date of birth but use a parent or guardian’s email address and mobile phone number as contact details.
  • Once you have set up your account, please email so we can activate your account .You will not be able to book until your account has been activated.
  • Once activated, please follow the instructions above (Method 1) to make a booking.

Further operational information for Autumn 2020

  1. Courses are split into half-terms and we will now take fees for each half-term, meaning you will pay less but more often. The second half-term for Autumn 2020 will take place from November 2nd to December 19th inclusive.
  2. The Team Bath Sports Training Village reception will not be running at full capacity and as such all payments will need to go through the online booking system as opposed to the traditional in person or over the phone payments.
  3. Please bear with us if we have to flex to cope with changes caused by the Coronavirus from time to time. We will communicate these as swiftly and effectively as we can.
  4. There are various precautions all tennis players and parents must follow and these can be read by clicking here.
  5. Please do not visit the Team Bath Sports Training Village if you are self-isolating or are showing any symptoms of Covid-19.
  6. Everyone aged 12 and over must wear a face covering within the Sports Training Village unless exercising or changing (medical exemptions apply).
  7. Please follow all the social distancing protocols in the STV and play your part by sticking to the one parent/guardian to accompany each under-11 player rule.
  8. To keep numbers in the building under the Covid limits, a coach will meet at, and return to, the front door all players over the age of 11 and therefore no accompanying adults will be permitted.
  9. Sadly, our prices for mini-tennis players are changing due to our recent financial losses. The new price structure is on our website.
  10. We are changing our ladies-only morning sessions on Wednesday, which will now be open to both male and female players.

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