Mini tennis (7-10 years)

Mini red (8 year olds and under)

Played on small ¼ courts with 17-23” racquets and soft sponge or red balls. It’s just like the real game, with players having the opportunity for long rallies and participating in FUN games and competitions.

Mini orange (9 year olds and under)

On a ¾ court with soft orange balls and 23-25” racquets, players are now exposed to a longer and wider court (although smaller than full size), allowing players to develop an all-round game and develop a range of techniques and tactics.

Mini green (10 year olds and under)

Players use green balls (slightly softer than yellow balls) and play on a full-size court with 25-26” racquets. Mini green players can work on fully developing their technique and tactical play before progressing onto the full ball.

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