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British Tennis tweeted this picture of the GB Federation Cup team including Anna Smith and Jocelyn Rae, February 2016
GB Federation Cup team 2016 (including Anna Smith and Jocelyn Rae)

Current ATP and WTA world rankings

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  • Marcus Daniell
    Ranking: 43rd (doubles)
  • Anna Smith
    Ranking: 91st (doubles)
  • Jocelyn Rae
    Ranking: 99th (doubles)
  • Liam Broady
    Ranking: 330th (singles), 295th (doubles)
  • Lisa Whybourn
    Ranking: 493rd (singles), 738th (doubles)
  • Samantha Murray
    Ranking: 574th (singles), 484th (doubles)
  • Richard Gabb
    Ranking: 675th (singles), 876th (doubles)
  • Emma Hurst
    Ranking: 945th (singles), 848th (doubles)
  • Eden Richardson
    Ranking: 1236th (singles)
  • Alexis Canter
    Ranking: 1587th (singles), 1301st (doubles)
  • Imran Aswat
    Ranking: 1198th (singles), 1428th (doubles)
  • James Davis
    Ranking: 1521st (doubles)

Current junior rankings (ITF)

  • Megan Davies
    Ranking: 233rd
  • Maria Budin
    Ranking: 317th
  • Tad Maclean
    Ranking: 1180th
  • Amelia Bissett
    Ranking: 1410th
  • Caleb Ralston
    Ranking: 1583rd

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