Screening and testing

The screening and testing assessments are a key part of the Team Bath Talent Development Centre.

It gives the coaches, athletes and parents an opportunity to review the physical progress made during training and identifies the athlete’s areas of strengths and weaknesses.

How often does testing take place?

Testing days take place every six months over a period of a day. Testing is a vital part of the programme as it demonstrates the athlete’s developments or areas of improvement.

Testing days also consists of guest speakers, workshops and team-building activities for both the athletes and parents to attend.

How does it work?

The screening assessment examines functional movement patterns by assessing muscle imbalances, core strength, joint range of movement, postural alignment, mobility and structural stability.

  • Overhead squat – a test of overall postural mobility
  • Single leg squat – test of lower body strength and mobility
  • ‘Core’ press-up – test of midsection stability between upper and lower body
  • Three consecutive vertical jumps – test of co-ordination and balance under speed

These are recorded and later assessed by the S&C coaches.

Each test is scored from 0-3 based on the competence the athlete presents against the criteria that they are coached through at the time of testing.

The athletes are also tested on some basic performance tests such as vertical jump, speed, change of direction and aerobic capacity.

The results are then processed and feedback is given to the athlete on their Physical Profile.

Below is an example of the growth and maturation testing and movement competencies.


TDC screening process example

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