Athlete Development Sessions

Learn To Lift

Learn to Lift sessions aim to enhance athletes’ physical qualities of strength, power, mobility, flexibility, speed and balance. Initially the development of fundamental, robust and efficient movement patterns is prioritised, providing athletes with a toolbox of foundational techniques and exercises.

Exercises and drills also aim to reduce injury risk through focusing on individuals’ physical and motor weaknesses. Individual training programming occurs, influenced by individual athletic competency, stage of biological maturity, coach feedback, training age and sport-specific demands.

Speed, Agility and Power

Sessions aim to enhance athletic development in the key physical areas of speed, agility and power. This is achieved through providing athletes with a variety of exercises and drills, both individual and team-based, focusing on improving aspects such as acceleration, maximum velocity, deceleration, ability to change direction, reactional agility, double-leg and single-leg power and upper body power.

These sessions also aim to enhance movement capabilities, the co-ordination of movement, decision-making processes and the ability to adapt to situations.

Speed and Power 

Sessions aim to enhance athletic development predominantly in the key physical areas of speed and power. Movement capabilities and co-ordination of movement are also dominating areas of focus within these sessions.

Speed development is centred on improving speed of movement and decision making, acceleration, deceleration, maximum velocity and change of direction speed. Power throughout the whole body is developed through many methods such as jumping and landing improvement, ballistic training, exercises with weights and resistance and plyometric training.

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