Athlete Development Testing Days

As part of the programme, athletes attend bi-annual physical fitness assessment days to track their development. These are supplemented by ongoing in-session monitoring and are designed to assess each individual’s strengths, weaknesses and obtain a more detailed, objective picture of the current performance levels of the athlete.

The testing days involve:

  • Anthropometric measurements of height and weight to assess growth and maturity progress

This is followed by detailed tests to determine athletes’ current fitness levels, including:

  • Hop and Stop (to assess single-leg power and strength)
  • Y-Balance Test (to assess balance)
  • Linear Sprint Test – 10m, 20m and 30m sprint (to assess acceleration and maximal speed)
  • 505 Agility Test (to assess agility in both directions)
  • Counter-movement Jump and Squat Jump Tests (to assess power)
  • Hand Grip Dynamometer (to assess upper body strength)
  • YoYo Intermittent Endurance Test (to assess aerobic fitness)

Athletes receive their own set of testing results. An example of current athletes’ results output from the previous three testing days is shown here:

Example of an individual growth and maturation summary
Example of an individual growth and maturation summary


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