Physiological and fitness testing

Test yourself

Test your levels of fitness at our in-house Sport Science Lab. Our Sport Scientists can help you set a baseline against which your progress can be measured.

Our team can help you maximise your training, whatever your sport, level or goal.

Our Human Performance Centre offers a full range of tests, including muscle mass and body fat tests as well as VO2 max tests to identify your optimum heart rate training zones.

We can even help you train for altitude, or benefit from altitude simulation, in our hypoxic chambers.

Tests we can offer

  • Vo2 Max Testing (with lactate threshold testing if desired)
  • Spirometry Testing (Lung Function)
  • Isokinetic Strength Training and Testing
  • Body Composition Testing
  • Sport-specific Field Testing
  • Hydration & Blood Testing
  • and much more…

Contact us

For further information please contact Lead Applied Sports Scientist Jonathan Robinson by email on

To book an appointment please email us or call on 01225 383636.

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