Some of the 2017-18 sporting scholars at the University of Bath

The University of Bath was the first UK university to offer sports scholarships and today 56 student athletes who have displayed potential for success both academically and athletically are currently benefiting from our scholarships – including 22 new scholarships awarded during the 2016-17 academic year.

Our scholarships give talented young people the opportunity to benefit from Bath’s world-leading sporting and academic environment.

Scholarships are available to student athletes who have the potential to contribute to the University of Bath’s BUCS points.

Some of the country’s top athletes have benefited from our scholarships, including London 2012 Olympic silver medallists Michael Jamieson (swimming) and Samantha Murray (modern pentathlon). Rio 2016 Olympian Joe Choong, who combined studying Mathematics with competing at international level for Pentathlon GB, explains how a scholarship has helped his career in this video:

Scholarships available

The University currently offers several different sport scholarship types for which students can apply (given that they meet the necessary requirements). These are:

Scholarship No. available Funding offered Eligibility
Trendell Two £1,000 p/a (up three years) Click here
King One £4,000 p/a (up to four years) Click here
Santander Six £2,000 p/a (up to three years) Click here
Bill Whiteley One £5,000 p/a (up to five years) Click here
Thompson Education Trust One £1,250 p/a (up to two years) Click here

Click here to read the full terms and conditions for each scholarship.


To be eligible for a scholarship athletes must:

Athletes on scholarships lasting more than one academic year will continue to receive their scholarship throughout their University course subject to an annual academic and sporting review.

How to apply

Applications for the 2018/19 Scholarship scheme are now closed but check back soon for details for the 2019/20 academic year.

2017/18 new scholars

Athlete name Sport Scholarship awarded
Jordan Ainslie Rugby Trendell
Olivia Caesar Athletics Trendell
Charlotte Curtis Netball Santander
Beck Cutting Rugby Trendell
Tom Derbyshire Swimming British Swimming
Sophie Drakeford-Lewis Netball Whiteley
Jacob Greenow Swimming Santander
Chari Hawkins Athletics Santander
Anna Hopkin Swimming Thompson Education Trust
Sarah Jackson Windsurfing Santander
Ben Jones Tennis Buchan Jones
Laura Macro Rowing Santander
Tim Nurse Hockey King
Tash Pavelin Netball Santander
Myles Pillage Modern Pentathlon Trendell
Lauren Williams Athletics Santander

2016/17 new scholars

Athlete name Sport Scholarship awarded
Thomas Sinclair Swimming Bill Whiteley
Imogen Allison Netball King
Laura Macro Rowing Matrix
Jack Edmondson Rugby Goldsmith
Cameron Chalmers Athletics Thompson
Sarah Collin Modern Pentathlon Thompson
Eloise Laity Hockey Thompson
Charlotte Mclennaghan Athletics Trendell
Lottie Holland Rugby Trendell
Levi Davis Rugby Trendell
Mari Davies Swimming Trendell
Jazmine Butcher Alpine Skiing Santander
Valdo Szucs Athletics Santander
Amelia Stuart Tennis Santander
Georgia Hannam Modern Pentathlon Santander
Bradley Sutton Modern Pentathlon Santander
Hugo Stiles Rugby Santander
Jack Davies Rugby Santander
Stephanie Clutterbuck Rowing Santander
Emma Stacey Clay Pigeon Shooting Santander
Lily Honor Football Santander

Scholars’ testimonials

  • “Scholarship funding helps with equipment, food, general living costs and travel which can be really expensive – especially when you’re going to one meet a month. The facilities here are pretty much ideal. We have everything we need in the gym, it’s right by the pool, it’s a five minute walk from my accommodation, and so it’s as good as it can be.”

    –Tom Sinclair (swimming), Bill Whiteley scholar
  • “The University of Bath is so good for my course, has a great netball set-up and I love the sporty vibe. That’s why I chose to come here. It’s also flexible – when I was called up to play for England U21s for a tour to South Africa, I had an exam scheduled for the week after but I rearranged that exam and everything worked out fine.”

    –Imogen Allison (netball), King scholar
  • “Being awarded a scholarship is a massive confidence boost. To have someone say that they believe in your ability is huge for your self-belief. There’s no better place than the University of Bath for letting you train at a high level, undertake the degree you want to do and offer you this level of support.”

    –Sarah Collin (modern pentathlon) – Thompson scholar
  • “I have to say a massive thank you to Team Bath, Pentathlon GB and the rest of my support team for helping me get to number one, I couldn’t have done it without them. I’m supported by a Santander Sports Scholarship and the Team Bath Elite Athlete Fund which has allowed me to compete in Qatar, Serbia and Switzerland this season, as well as domestically. That support makes a huge difference.”

    –Tom Edwards (fencing) – Santander scholar

Past scholars

2015/16 scholars

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2014/15 scholars

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2013/14 scholars

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Provide a scholarship

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