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Team Bath’s dedicated personal trainers are each fully qualified experts in the field. Our team offer bespoke guidance, advice and support to help individuals achieve their specific goals.

Available for personal consultation, group sessions or combined packages, our trainers can help guide you through weight management, nutrition, motivation, how and when to exercise, goal-setting and wellness/lifestyle programmes.

You don’t need to be a member to buy a personal training session at the Team Bath Gym & Fitness Centre. However, if you want to use the gym outside of your PT sessions you can purchase a membership – click here for details of our packages.

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Our personal training options available to members of the public and students:

Team Bath Personal Training – Public [PDF]

Team Bath Personal Training – Students [PDF]

For more information, or to discuss your personal training requirements, please contact Gym and Group Exercise Manager Sam Holmes who will be happy to help.

Client testimonials:

“Working with Kim on my fitness has been great. Our sessions were always hard work, but Kim made them fun, enjoyable and varied.

“It was immediately obvious that she had excellent knowledge and expertise in the most effective training techniques to achieve your goals. It really highlighted to me how my usual patterns of training were ineffective, and I have benefitted from working with Kim by becoming stronger, leaner and having better posture.

“Kim has a very good way of motivating and getting more out of someone! She has also helped by commenting on diet and training plans more broadly outside of our PT sessions. I would highly recommend having PT sessions with Kim!”

“It was purely by chance that Matt ended up as my PT – he happened to be working in the gym the day I went in for a tour and he showed me round so when I asked for a PT, they put me with Matt knowing we had met once already.

“I gave him a pretty big task – I was climbing Kilimanjaro in six weeks’ time and hadn’t really done much in the way of training. I ‘kept fit’ but I knew that wouldn’t be enough. Plus I am a bit of a drama queen and I HATE the gym so he had his work cut out! From the word go, Matt understood me and my goals and training actually became fun the better we got to know each other and the more I saw results.

“He can read me really well and knows when to change things up, when to give me a break and when to push me. Needless to say, I made it to the top of the mountain and I definitely have Matt to thank for the fact that I didn’t collapse or give up halfway through. Two months ago I couldn’t imagine myself as someone who went to the gym regularly, let alone climbs mountains and trains with a PT once a week, but I guess you never know what will happen if you don’t try!”

“As a plodding veteran of 65 years, I found the personal training over ten sessions with Kim has not only introduced me to the significant benefits of conditioning, balance and strength but has also given me greater confidence in my running and what I can achieve over the half-marathon and 10k. Kim’s guidance, patience and inspiration has been brilliant.”


We offer a range of competitive gym studio, tennis and swimming membership packages to help you achieve your fitness goals in a uniquely inspirational setting. Or if you want to make the very most of our facilities and activities you might upgrade to our Team Bath+ package.

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Fitness classes

You can step up the pace of your training or ease off and relax thanks to the diversity of our studio classes. We typically offer more than 35 classes a week, covering everything form revolution cycling, Latino aerobics and circuit training to yoga and Pilates.

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Team Bath Gym

Our gym features 102 stations with some of the best facilities around. There are 57 new pieces of cardiovascular equipment include a dozen treadmills, 11 cross-trainers, 10 rowing machines and 45 strength stations with an impressive range of free and fixed weights.

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