Workout at home with our Team Bath trainers

It is important for both physical and mental health to keep active, so our trainers at the Team Bath Gym have put together some exercises you can do in the comfort of your own home.

No gym equipment is required and you can cater the routines to suit your ability and fitness levels.

We will be sharing the latest videos here regularly and, don’t forget, there are many more top tips on fitness, health and lifestyle on our Team Bath TV YouTube channel – click here to check them out.

Have fun everybody!

A beginners’ session designed to target your mid-section abdominal muscles and lower back

A kitchen chair and some cans of food is all you need for this home workout suitable for beginners

Some press-up variations you can incorporate into your home workout routine

Strengthen your leg, glute and core muscles with this simple lying side leg raise

Two more step exercises you can do using the bottom rung of your stairs


A simple but effective warm-up routine which will aid mobility

Team Bath trainer Sam Holmes takes you through a kettlebell exercise class, complete with warm-up and warm-down

Guaranteed to help elevate your heart-rate while using minimal space

Target those mid-section muscles with this abs routine

A simple exercise that will work your shoulders, arms, legs and core – the squat press

Develop flexibility with this yoga-inspired mobility routine

Two simple step exercises you can do using the bottom rung of your stairs at home

Strengthen your core with these two simple exercises

Check out these five high-intensity exercises you can do on or their own or as part of a HIIT circuit

Elevate your heart rate with this fun but rewarding workout from Team Bath trainer Sam Holmes

Feel the burn with this ripping ‘squat to upright row’ workout

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