Swim Fit Public Lanes

Swim-fit sessions must be booked and booking is available up to a day in advance. Please click here for details of how to book your session.

Pay-as-you-swim bookings for the 50m London 2012 Legacy Pool allow access for the duration of your booked session and are priced at the following:

Public – Adults: £6.50. Concessions: £5.75.
University of Bath students – Sports Pass holders: free (for more information about activating your Sports Pass, please visit our student offer page).
Staff – £5.75.

December 2021 timetable

Date Session 1 Session 2 Session 3 Session 4
Wednesday 1st 0615-0915 1130-1330 1700-2200
Thursday 2nd 0600-0800 0930-1230 1330-1530 1800-2100
Friday 3rd 0615-0815 1030-1430
Saturday 4th 1200-1600
Sunday 5th 0945-1645
Monday 6th 0615-0815 1045-1345
Tuesday 7th 0615-0815 1045-1445 1915-2000 (45min)
Wednesday 8th 0615-0915 1130-1330 1700-2200
Thursday 9th 0600-0800 0930-1230 1330-1530 1800-2100
Friday 10th 0615-0815 1030-1430
Saturday 11th 1330-1630
Sunday 12th 0945-1645
Monday 13th 0615-0815 1045-1345
Tuesday 14th 0615-0815 1045-1445 1915-2000 (45min)
Wednesday 15th 0615-0915 1130-1330 1700-2200
Thursday 16th 0600-0800 0930-1230 1330-1530 1800-2100
Friday 17th 0615-0815 1030-1430
Saturday 18th 1200-1600
Sunday 19th 1045-1645
Monday 20th 0615-0815 1045-1345 1945-2045
Tuesday 21st 0615-0815 1045-1445 1800-2000
Wednesday 22nd 0615-0915 1130-1330 1700-1800
Thursday 23rd 0600-0900 0930-1230 1330-1530 1800-2100
Friday 24th CLOSED
Saturday 25th CLOSED
Sunday 26th CLOSED
Monday 27th CLOSED
Tuesday 28th CLOSED
Wednesday 29th 0900-1400
Thursday 30th 0900-1400
Friday 31st 0900-1600

No-shows and cancellations policy

We are experiencing a rise in the number of people who book a swimming session in advance but then do not appear.  Demand for swim bookings is high right now and if you cannot make a session for any reason, please proactively cancel it through our booking system so that someone else can take the slot. If you fail to do so and are a Student Sports Pass holder, you will be charged a £3 no-show fee. Please click here for more details.

Swim protocol – please read before booking

  • Please do not visit the Sports Training Village if you are displaying any Covid-19 symptoms or self-isolating. Click here to view our latest customer guidelines regarding social distancing and face coverings.
  • Swim-fit sessions must be booked and booking is available up to a day in advance. Please click here for further details.
  • Please click here to view our swim-fit health & safety guidelines before booking a slot and visiting the Sports Training Village. Click here to view our footwear policy.
  • Please do not arrive before your booked time. Changing time for swimming is included in your 1-hour booking slot – you will not be allowed to access the changing rooms before then.
  • The swimming changing room facilities feature a communal unisex area with accompanying individual cubicles for quicker access to and from the pool. We will continue to offer space in our spectator seating area for those waiting to access the changing room during busy periods. Customers are encouraged to come ready to swim where possible. We have, where possible, staggered start times of different swimming groups to try and reduce the number of people accessing the changing room at any one point but please do use personal judgement and wait to enter if you feel they are busy.
  • Please show courtesy when overtaking other swimmers in a lane.
  • The University of Bath reserves the right to change Swim Fit times and lane allocations at short notice. Details will also be sent to 50m pool e-mail list members. Please speak to someone at reception on 01225 386339 if you wish to be added to this list. Your details will not be used for any other purposes and you can opt-out of receiving the information at any time.

Swim hats, goggles and towels are available to purchase from the Sports Training Village reception.


For further information please call reception on 01225 386339.
For hydrotherapy pool bookings, please call 01225 385156.

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