The Team Bath staff

Senior Leadership Team (click on pictures for biographies)

Coaches and Performance Sport Performance Support Sports Development Vocational & Applied Skills Sales and Memberships Gym & Fitness Centre
Operations and Facilities Events Reception Finance PR & Comms

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Coaches and Performance Sport (click on pictures or names for biographies where available)

Name Role Email address
Stephen Baddeley Director of Sport
Greg Sharp Deputy Director of Sport
Louis Richards Head of Student Performance Sport
Colin Bovell Athletics (Track & Field) Head Coach
Pete Bush Badminton Head Coach
Che Wilson Head of Football
Billy Clarke Assistant Football Coach
Ian Cordwell Hockey Head Coach
Rob Foxall-Smith Assistant Hockey Coach
Adam Hall Head of Judo
Gregg Varey Judo Development Manager
Emily Siddy Netball Manager
Asha Francis Netball Head Coach
Natalie Roddy Netball Academy Head Coach
Anya Le Monnier Assistant Netball Coach (Student Performance Programme Lead)
Aaron James Head of Rugby
Mark Skimming Head of Swimming
Andrei Vorontsov Assistant Swim Coach
Chris Starkey Tennis Manager
Tom Ellis Head of Tennis Club Coaching (job share)
Tom Osborne Head of Tennis Club Coaching (job share)
Ian MacDonald Senior Performance Tennis Coach
Craig Procter Senior Performance Tennis Coach
James Pankhurst U18 Tennis Performance Coach
Michael Powell Performance Sport Officer

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Performance Support (physio & sport science)

Name Role Email address
Clare Pell Administrator
Heather Foster Lead Physiotherapist
Martin Burrows Physiotherapist
Jack Selby Physiotherapist
Katy Williams Physiotherapist
Mike Dean Rugby Physiotherapist
Leanne Lovejoy Netball Physiotherapist
Megan Beswick Lead Massage Therapist
Claire Allison Lead Sports Massage Therapist
James Lambdon Applied Sport Psychologist
Jonathan Robinson Applied Sports Scientist
Ricky Massiah Strength & Conditioning Coach
Kieran Smith Strength & Conditioning Coach
George Studd Strength & Conditioning Coach
Luke Wilkinson Strength & Conditioning Coach
Rachel Shaw Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach (Tennis)

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Sports Development (Tribe and Futures)

Name Role Email address
Greg Sharp Deputy Director of Sport
Jess Clements Sports Development Assistant Manager
Stuart Stenhouse Team Bath Tribe Programme Coordinator
Julia Waldron Team Bath Futures Development Officer

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Vocational & Applied Skills Team

Name Role Email address
Sarah Jones Vocational & Applied Skills Courses Manager
Jemma Plummer Operational Courses Manager
Richard Turner Sports Massage Course Manager

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Sales and Memberships

Name Role Email address
Miles Peyton Head of Commercial Sales
Simon Hand Memberships and Databases Manager
Harriet Hings Senior Sales Consultant
Liz Sharling Memberships Administrator
Mel Hewitt Sales & Marketing Consultant
Catherine Evans Facility Sales & Development Manager
Amy Pinchen Facility Sales Officer
Sarah Stone Facility Sales Officer

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Team Bath Gym & Fitness Centre

Name Role Email address
Sam Holmes Health & Fitness Manager
Danii Bachkirov Health & Fitness Supervisor
Ali Blackett Health & Fitness Instructor
Dan Farcuta Health & Fitness Instructor
Samuella Johnson Health & Fitness Instructor
Lauren Palmer Health & Fitness Instructor
Paul West Health & Fitness Instructor

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Operations and Facilities

Name Role Email address
Sophie Hamer Sports Operations Manager
Gary Ibbotson Sports Facility Manager
Ross Gould Maintenance Assistant
Chris Coles Sports Shift Manager
Matt John Sports Shift Manager
Dani Perez Barrera Sports Shift Manager
Ian Pinchen Sports Shift Manager
Carly Symons Sports Shift Manager
Mark Bromley Sport Supervisor
Dean Jones Sport Supervisor
Mark Westmore Sport Supervisor
Jo Mansfield Sport co-ordinator
Connor Russell Sports Assistant
Francis Hillier Sports Assistant
Miguel Hill Sports Assistant
Bethany Stephens Sports Assistant

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Name Role Email address
Lisa Ashcroft Event Manager
Juliet Dormer Event Manager

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Name Role Email address
Claire Sidebottom Head Receptionist
Jen Atkin Receptionist
Jean Blackburn Receptionist
Kira Harris Receptionist
Barry Newton Receptionist
Estrella Torres Receptionist

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Name Role Email address
Tracey Sharpe Finance Coordinator
Lorraine Pyles Finance Assistant

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Press and marketing

Name Role Email address
Steph Bryan Marketing and Communications Manager
Neil Rose Press and Content Manager
Amy Woodman Assistant Marketing Manager
Charlotte Clark Social Media Officer

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Partners and Suppliers