STV Pool Footwear Policy

As a result of feedback from customers and performance athletes, and in the interest of hygiene to all our users, the following footwear policy is in place in the pool area of the University of Bath Sports Training Village.

  • Strictly no shoes to be worn in the swimming pool area; namely the swimming pool and surround, showers and ramps linking the pool and changing rooms. No footwear will be allowed from the bottom of the ramp leading to the shower area and pool deck.
  • This policy applies to all users of the pool; coaches, staff and lifeguards. Anyone working on poolside or coaching will be required to change into indoor flip flops or go bare foot.*
  • The only area in the pool hall in which outdoor footwear will be allowed is the spectator seating area and the changing room.
  • Before entering the changing room or seating area, users, staff and coaches must make sure their shoes are clean.
  • Anyone going for a training run outside must not use the pool changing rooms.
  • Any running shoes must be removed before entering either the spectator area or the changing rooms.
  • There is no access between the seating area and swimming pool; this route is to be used for emergency access only. The gates linking the two areas will be latched to prevent any non-emergency access onto pool side.
  • A stairway linking the seating area to the swim office has been introduced; this is for internal staff to gain access to the Pool Office when coming from the upper ramp or Physiotherapy and Sports Science Centre without having to go onto pool side.
  • All users will be informed of the footwear policy and the lifeguards on shift will enforce the policy and will not allow access to anyone wearing shoes.
  • Cleaning staff, workmen or contractors carrying out any manual work on pool side will be the only exceptions. However, they must wear appropriate footwear and wear shoe covers at all times whilst carrying out the work.

*Individuals with specific medical requirement that would prevent them from going bare foot or wearing flip flops could request permission from the facility manager or assistant facilities manager to consider an alternative pool specific croc.


For further information please call reception on 01225 386339.

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