Exercise class descriptions

Our group exercise classes are split into three categories – aerobic, body and calm. Click here to view the latest timetable.


Cardio 30: This workout will work your heart and lungs like no other. A blend of cardio exercises that keep you moving for the full 30 minutes.

Fierce: A new, fun contemporary dance fitness class that gets everyone moving in time together. High energy, full of sass and welcomes everyone of all abilities.

HIIT: Challenge yourself via short bursts of high-intensity interval training. Exercises target the whole body as well as get your heart pumping. Anyone can attend this class because there will be easier and harder options for each exercise.

Latin Fit (virtual): An innovative freestyle workout that incorporates Latin dance steps as the foundation for a fun and exhilarating cardio dance fitness. This workout will lift your spirits while burning calories, improving flexibility and tone.

Ride: Ride with us, in a unique indoor cycling class using target metrics and colours to take your fitness/experience to new levels.

Zumba: The class that started the dance-fitness revolution – it’s fun, effective and embraces inclusiveness. Everybody is welcome!


Body Conditioning: How many exercises can you do with a barbell? Come along and see why this classic class, which simply uses a barbell to hit all major muscles, is still so popular and gets results.

Body Control: All levels welcome, learn to use your body developing strength balance and have fun with handstands, ring work, muscle ups and flags.

Circuits: Traditional circuits at its best. Work your way through stations targeting muscles like only circuits can, using a combination of weights and body weight to get the body you crave.

Core Solutions: Get that mid-section you have always wanted using a combination of exercises that target and improve your core.

Kettlebells: One type of kit, one type of goal. Perform exercises that are exclusive to kettlebells and see the results.

Olympic Lifting: Teaches the principles of Olympic lifting. See your strength increase, technique improve and body change.

Powerlifting: Whether new to lifting or more experienced, learn how to increase strength and improve technique using three core exercises of squat, bench and deadlift.

Repping: Blending one-minute rounds of barbell work with 30 seconds of cardio for a great whole body workout

Rig Con: A 25-minute HIIT session using the bespoke rig area in Gym 1.

TRX Circuits: The ultimate TRX workout using the TRX Bay in Gym 2 consisting of battle ropes, RIP trainers and much more.

Upper-Floor Takeover: Taking over upper floor of gym 2 using all the state of the art kit, challenge your fitness and cardio levels whilst learning more about the kit on offer.

X-Press: A barbell-based class that is fast-paced, with lots of repetitions and designed to target the whole body. Coached through techniques, performed in time with the music to bring you a fun, motivating class.


Pilates: Improve your posture, mind-body connection, core strength and breathing techniques.

Yoga: A full-body flexibility, strength and mindfulness practice developed over hundreds of years tailored to suit modern exercise styles. Improve balance, coordination and reduce stress.

Class accessibility

Please contact Health & Fitness Manager Sam Holmes at sh931@bath.ac.uk to discuss the content of the classes and how they can be adapted.

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