Paris 2024 places up for grabs as University of Bath-based swimmers head to London for crunch Aquatics GB Swimming Championships

27 March 2024

Places in the Team GB squad for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games will be on the line when 42 University of Bath-based swimmers compete in the 2024 Aquatics GB Swimming Championships from 2-7 April.

Competition will be fierce in the London Aquatics Centre as swimmers seek not only a place on the podium but also a consideration time for this summer’s Games, with both individual and relay spots up for grabs.

Reigning Olympic Champion Tom Dean is among a sizeable contingent of Aquatics GB Performance Centre Bath swimmers who will be in action, along with fellow Olympians Kieran Bird, Jacob Peters, Jacob Whittle and Brodie Williams. Tokyo gold-medallist Freya Anderson is on the entry list but will make a last-minute decision, along with her coaches, whether to compete following a bout of glandular fever.

A host of students, coached by Mark Skimming and Andrei Vorontsov, will be representing University of Bath Swimming Club, including defending 200m butterfly champion Joshua Gammon, while Rue Fowler is competing for Team Bath AS and Mark Edmundson for Corsham ASC. All train in the Olympic-standard London 2012 Legacy Pool at the Team Bath Sports Training Village.

This year’s Aquatic GB Swimming Championships are the first to combine both the national swimming and para-swimming events in one competition, with reigning World Champion Suzanna Hext – who does her strength and conditioning training at the University with the UK Sports Institute (UKSI) – racing in the MC (multi-classification) 100m and 200m freestyle.

Click here to find out more about the swimming programme at the University of Bath, including the public swim-fit timetable.

Who to watch and when

BPC: Bath Performance Centre | UOB: University of Bath Swimming Club | TBAS: Team Bath AS

Tuesday 2nd April

Open/Men’s 400m Freestyle: Kieran Bird (BPC), Luke Turley (BPC), Isaac Dodds (UOB).

Women’s 200m Butterfly: Kate Baxter, Leila Flower, Ekaterina Price (all UOB).

Women’s 200m Freestyle: Freya Anderson (BPC), Holly Hibbott (BPC), Anna Farrow (UOB), Maisie Gilford (UOB), Jemima Hall (UOB), Rue Fowler (TBAS).

Women’s MC 200m Freestyle: Suzanna Hext.

Open/Men’s 100m Breaststroke: William Godsell, Christian Ryan, Sam Williamson (all UOB).

Wednesday 3rd April

Women’s 1500m Freestyle: Louise Ashford (UOB).

Open/Men’s 200m Butterfly: Joshua Gammon, Hendrik Van Der Leest (both UOB).

Women’s 200m Breaststroke: Caitlin Hartley, Emily Morgan-Hughes (both UOB).

Open/Men’s 100m Backstroke: Jono Adam (BPC), Cameron Brooker (BPC), Jack Skerry (BPC), Matthew Ward (BPC) Brodie Williams (BPC), Archie Evans (UOB), Mark Edmundson (TBAS/Corsham).

Women’s 100m Backstroke: Ceara Barber (UOB), Charley Joyce (UOB), Niamh Ward (UOB), Rue Fowler (TBAS).

Thursday 4th April

Women’s 400m Individual Medley: Anna Farrow (UOB).

Women’s 50m Freestyle: Maisie Gilford, Annabel Smith, Jana Spinner (all UOB).

Open/Men’s 400m Individual Medley: Thomas Deffains, Isaac Dodds, Sam Williamson (all UOB).

Open/Men’s 100m Freestyle: Kieran Bird (BPC), Cameron Brooker (BPC), Tom Dean (BPC), Edward Mildred (BPC), Jack Skerry (BPC), Jacob Whittle (BPC), Kaleb Fox-Jones (UOB).

Friday 5th April

Open/Men’s 100m Butterfly: Edward Mildred (BPC), Jacob Peters (BPC), Joshua Gammon (UOB).

Women’s 400m Freestyle: Leah Crisp (BPC), Holly Hibbott (BPC), Anna Farrow (UOB), Jemima Hall (UOB).

Women’s 200m Backstroke: Charley Joyce (UOB), Niamh Ward (UOB), Rue Fowler (TBAS).

Open/Men’s 200m Individual Medley: Tom Dean (BPC), Matthew Ward (BPC), Isaac Dodds (UOB), Sam Williamson (UOB).

Saturday 6th April

Open/Men’s 800m Freestyle: Luke Turley (BPC).

Women’s 100m Butterfly: Holly Hibbott (BPC), Kate Baxter (UOB), Ekaterina Price (UOB), Annabel Smith (UOB).

Open/Men’s 200m Breaststroke: William Dean, William Godsell, Christian Ryan (all UOB).

Open/Men’s 50m Freestyle: Kaleb Fox-Jones, Ben Proud (both UOB).

Women’s 200m Individual Medley: Anna Farrow, Maisie Gifford, Emily Morgan-Hughes (all UOB).

Sunday 7th April

Women’s 800m Freestyle: Leah Crisp (BPC), Louise Ashford (UOB).

Open/Men’s 200m Backstroke: Cameron Brooker (BPC), Jack Skerry (BPC), Matthew Ward (BPC), Brodie Williams (BPC), Isaac Dodds (UOB), Archie Evans (UOB), Hendrik Van Der Leest (UOB), Mark Edmundson (TBAS/Corsham).

Women’s 100m Breaststroke: Caitlin Hartley, Emily Morgan-Hughes (both UOB).

Women’s 100m Freestyle: Freya Anderson (BPC), Anna Farrow (UOB), Maisie Gilford (UOB), Jemima Hall (UOB), Annabel Smith (UOB), Jana Spinner (UOB), Rue Fowler (TBAS).

Women’s MC 100m Freestyle: Suzanna Hext.

Open/Men’s 200m Freestyle: Kieran Bird, Tom Dean, Edward Mildred, Luke Turley, Jacob Whittle (all BPC).

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