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Hit the courts whatever the weather, swing to the beat or get a coaching qualification – so many way to enjoy tennis at Team Bath

19 February 2022

Tennis has a problem but it’s one that British Tennis is more than delighted to have. Figures show that Emma Raducanu’s US Open success last year encouraged thousands more of us to take up a racket or try the sport again or to become fans. The drive is now on to make more use of existing facilities and to find new coaches to support this growing interest. Team Bath Tennis has joined that drive and...

Make Saturday or Sunday your swim day in the Team Bath pool and feel the benefits that the sport has to offer body and mind

19 February 2022

In 2019 Swim England – the body which organises and promotes swimming in England – produced a report aimed at government suggesting that swimming saved the NHS £357 million per year (click here to read). Whether you find the figure credible or not, there were probably more than a few grains of truth in the stats the report contained about swimming as a health and wellbeing activity: Swimmers report feeling on average 6.4 per cent...

The upgraded women's changing rooms at the Sports Training Village

Customer notice: Dry-side female changing rooms closed for maintenance work on Friday 7th January

02 January 2022

Customers are advised that the female changing rooms nearest to the gym in the Team Bath Sports Training Village will be closed on Friday 7th January 2022. Alternative changing rooms will be allocated within the building. This is to allow maintenance and service work on the lockers, which had originally been scheduled for Wednesday 5th but was unable to go ahead. We apologise for any inconvenience.  

50 days to Tokyo: how high-altitude training is helping athletes prepare to reach new heights on Olympic and Paralympic stage

03 June 2021

With the Tokyo Olympic Games now just 50 days away, many sports – including the prolific medal-winning GB modern pentathlon team based at the University of Bath – will be planning or have considered high altitude or hypoxic training as part of their preparation. Why? And does it work for all types of sport and everyone? Pentathlon GB Performance Director Jan Bartu, is an advocate and says: "Pentathlon GB Performance has been training at altitude...

Former Director of Sport Tom Hudson reflects on his Olympic Games experience and laying the foundations for 25 years of success at University of Bath

21 January 2021

Imagine, aged 20, you’ve never been out of the country before. Imagine that the flight you board from the UK stops first at Basra, where the heat is somewhat unbelievable, before going on to Singapore (including an overnight at the world-famous Raffles Hotel) and then onward to Australia where local people line the streets to cheer and welcome the arriving athletes. For some it might have proved too much, generating nerve-jangling under-performance, but for Tom...

Stroll like a snowman with our guided wintry walking routes around beautiful Bath

10 December 2020

Enjoy some fresh air, exercise and the beautiful Bath landscape this winter thanks to two ‘snowman walks’ from University of Bath triathlon coach Blair Cartmell. He has used the Garmin GPS fitness app to create two seasonal walks that are shaped like a snowman when viewed on a map and take in spectacular views of our home city. Both are easy to follow using a smartphone. The first, an 8.4km walk, takes in landmarks around...

VIDEO: Four shoulder-strengthening exercises to reduce the risk of injury and aid performance

14 March 2020

The shoulder is one of the most mobile joints in the body but there is a fragile equilibrium between stability and mobility.  In this video, Team Bath physio Katy Williams looks at four exercises you can do anywhere that build endurance of the external rotator at the back of the shoulder, helping to reduce the risk of injury and aid performance. Click here to see more top-tips videos for fitness, health, lifestyle and sport.

VIDEO: Five best stretching exercises you can perform at home

13 March 2020

To keep your body working at the best of its ability, you need to have a good range of movement and flexibility so here are five stretches that will dynamically mobilise your hips, shoulders and upper back. These exercises can be done anywhere, can be done as part of a repeated stretching circuit or you can add them to your warm-up routine. Click here to see more top-tip videos in health, fitness, lifestyle and...

How taking a different perspective to your New Year’s Resolutions can help you achieve your 2020 vision

29 December 2019

With January now just days away, this is the time of year that many people the world over pull together their resolutions for the year ahead. For many that will include engaging in regular physical activity and exercise but the likelihood is that our resolutions will be broken in matter of weeks, days or even hours. So, what do you need to do to give yourself the best chance of developing new exercise habits this...

Fed Cup tennis, Modern Pentathlon European Champs and World Championship triumphs among sporting highlights of 2019 at University of Bath

26 December 2019

It’s the end of another outstanding year of sport at the University of Bath which saw world-class tennis and modern pentathlon come to the Sports Training Village (STV) while athletes and students excelled on the world stage. The £35million STV successfully hosted two major international sporting events in 2019, including the first Fed Cup tennis tie to be staged in Great Britain for 26 years. The indoor courts were transformed into a showcase arena as...

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