Sports Massage: Level 5 Certificate

The VTCT Level 5 Certificate in Sports Massage Therapy – new for 2024 – is aimed at experienced massage therapists who wish to develop massage skills, knowledge and understanding. This qualification will enable you to work with non-acute recent injuries and pre-existing conditions for restorative and corrective purposes, with focus on posture, gait, ligamentous and neural conditions.

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Bookings are now being taken for our 2025 course.

Level 5 Weekday 2025 

Thursday & Friday 9.30am-4.30pm

Plus home study via online learning  

Support Days 1: 22nd/23rd May 2025
Support Days 2: 12th/13th June 2025
Support Days 3: 3rd/4th July 2025
Support Days 4: 17th/18th July 2025

Package cost

The Level 5 Certificate course costs £1,200 or you can book a full package covering Levels 3, 4 and 5 for £3,500.

Before booking, please click here to read our Course Handbook including terms and conditions (updated November 2023).


You must have completed the VTCT Level 4 Certificate in Sports Massage Therapy or equivalent in order to undertake this qualification. Team Bath VAST will ensure that you have the knowledge, understanding and skills required to enrol and successfully achieve this qualification.

How to book

You can sign up for the course by booking online via the Team Bath Store – click here to visit.

There are several payment options available. Please click here to read our payments and funding options.

More about the course

This qualification is approved and supported by Skills for Health, the sector skills council for Healthcare. Through this qualification you will develop an in-depth understanding of, and use a range of, complex assessment methods and complex massage techniques. Assessment will include subjective assessment and build on prior knowledge, looking more deeply at yellow and red flags and their implications. Objective assessment will include posture (including myofascial reading e.g. anatomy trains), gait analysis, range of movement, isometric testing and a variety of special tests. These will include testing of ligaments, labrum and cartilage, and for indications of impingement and dislocation.

You will also develop your knowledge of the neurological system and be able to recognise neurological presentations. This will include exploration of pathophysiology (ligamentous and neural) of all the major joints. Practically you will carry out sports massage using a range of complex techniques, to include myofascial, positional release, proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation (PNF), and active isolated stretching.

This will include critical evaluation of the effects and benefits of each technique. You will also be able to provide aftercare methods that will complement your massage treatment, to include mobility, proprioception and isometric strengthening. In addtion you will explore the concept of evidence-based practice, understand the importance of evidence-based practice in sport and be able critically to appraise research undertaken on the use of sports massage and be able to draw conclusions.

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