Sports Massage: Continued Professional Development (CPD)

CPD weekends are aimed at Sports Massage Therapists and delivered by experienced tutor and practitioner Stan Mavridis – click here to read his bio.

Learning Objectives

An intensive, cutting-edge approach to releasing Myofascial restrictions using Performance Myofascial Release Techniques (PMRT) and the protocols of Active Isolated Stretching (AIS), all in a small group class environment. Weekends at the University of Bath will focus on either the Upper or Lower Body. Day 1 will be devoted to PMRT and day 2 to AIS.

Course dates and booking details

TBC 9am-5pm daily Myofascial release & active stretching (lower body) £250 Click here to book

Myofascial release & active stretching – course structure

Day 1: Performance Myofascial Release Techniques

  • An introduction/review of the myofascial and muscular anatomy and function of the hips, legs, feet (lower) or neck, arms and torso (upper);
  • How to assess client ROM and Myofascial restrictions using visual body reading active and passive ROM;
  • Direct Myofascial Release techniques specific to a wide range of sports/athletes and how to best utilise each stoke in supine, prone, side lying, standing and seated positions.

Day 2: Active Isolated Stretching (AIS). Performance/Stretch

  • How to safely and effectively assist your clients/athletes stretch all major muscle groups using the AIS Performance/Stretch method of muscle lengthening and fascial release;
  • How to incorporate AIS Performance/Stretch into your practice;
  • The differences between active and passive stretching techniques;
  • Specific body positioning and the use of belts to secure client to treatment couch for more effective results;
  • How to successfully integrate both therapies into one effective treatment.
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