Sports Massage: Continued Professional Development (CPD)

A five-day Dry Needling course is taking place from 21st to 25th January 2023. The Level 1&2 Course  is run by Club Physio and costs £889.  Call Sports Massage Programme Lead Richard Turner on 01225 385247 or email to register your interest.

Dry Needling is a skilled intervention that uses a thin filiform needle to penetrate the skin and stimulate underlying myofascial trigger points, muscular, and connective tissues for the management of neuromuscumoskeletal pain and movement impairments. It is used to treat dysfunctions in skeletal muscle, fascia and connective tissue and diminish persistent peripheral nociceptive input and reduce or restore impairments of function leading to improved activity and participation.

The course includes:

  • An illustrated electronic course manual (sent our weeks ahead of the course to help you best prepare);
  • Certificate of attendance in printed or digital form (with CPD points depending on your areas approval / accreditation);
  • Pathway to completing the Dry Needling Level 2 course and certifying as a dry needling practitioner;
  • All practice needles are supplied.

Dry Needling courses are for healthcare therapists / professionals (clinical physiotherapists (PT’s), chiropractors (DC’s), osteopaths (DO’s), podiatrists, soft tissue and manual therapists, kinesiologists, doctors, nurses, medical speciamists and acupuncturists) for whom dry needling is within your scope of practice and you are legally permitted to needle. No minimum dry needling or previous acupuncture experience required but presumed anatomy, advanced palpation skills and clinical expertise is expected. Professional indemnity insurance as per your professional body is also a pre-requisite.

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