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Take your home exercise routine up to a higher gear with new Target Cycling class on our Stay In, Work Out fitness timetable for July 6-12

05 July 2020

If you have a stationary exercise bike at home, then you will love one of the new additions to our Stay In, Work Out fitness timetable for July 6-12, 2020.  Our 30-minute Target Cycling class on Wednesday morning can be done on any static bike with RPM and is guaranteed to get those legs and lungs working! Team Bath trainer Sam Holmes is also running two of his ever-popular live classes - legs, bums &...

Karla Mostert in action for Team Bath Netball in the VItality Netball Superleague, February 2016

World’s best defender Karla Pretorius reflects on “wonderful” time at Team Bath Netball – “it was such a big part of my journey”

03 July 2020

Karla Pretorius, widely regarded as the best defender currently playing in world netball, has been looking back on her time at Team Bath Netball and the massive impact it had on her journey to the top. Pretorius, nee Mostert, spent the 2016 Superleague season with the Blue & Gold, helping them to a third-placed finish overall. It was the South African's first experience of playing domestic netball abroad and she quickly found her feet, forging...

Improve your chances of getting a good night’s sleep with these practical hints and tips from Reason To Be

01 July 2020

The Team Bath wellbeing team return this week with a new series of episodes providing practical advice and guidance on getting a good night's sleep.  Sleeping well is vitally important for both our physical and mental health. It helps your body recover and repair, improves your immune function, maximises your athletic ability, improves concentration and productivity, and reduces stress among many other positive benefits. If you have been struggling to sleep during lockdown or want...

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