Jess Winfield

“The phrase I go by is ‘there is no one size that fits all!’ – we all have different bodies, different goals and lifestyles meaning we should all be moving and working in a way catered to ourselves.”

A picture of Jess Winfield, who is a personal trainer at the Team Bath Gym About Jess

I come from a dance background and in 2020 I progressed to being a personal trainer. Over the years I have worked with an extensive range of clients all with different goals ranging from weight loss, building strength and improving overall health. My main interest and specialities now are with helping you get both stronger and fitter to make you feel your absolute best.

I am also a qualified nutrition coach and believe training and nutrition go hand in hand to help you get the best results and to create a maintainable, healthy lifestyle. I don’t believe in quick fixes but rather working with you to make life longer healthy changes.

If you would like to talk further come find me on the gym floor or contact me via the address below.

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