Jordan Phillips

A picture of Jordan Phillips who is a personal trainer and fitness instructor at the Team Bath Gym About Jordan

My overall purpose is to bring light and enjoyment to exercise but most importantly help people physically, psychologically and emotionally too. I believe these are the most important factors and it motivates me to help make a change.

Having been in the fitness industry since 2018 and with a background in boxing and football, I have been able to cover a large variety of different training methods and techniques. 

By paying very close attention to detail with exercise form, specifying muscle groups, and linking that closely with the psychological aspect of exercise, I have found I’ve had very quick results with clients which, in turn, enhances motivation and the feel-good factor which I am all about.

If you want to find the fun within training and exercise, and get great results, email me via the address below or come and find me on the gym floor.


  • Level 3 Sports Development and Coaching.
  • Level 2 Fitness Instructing.
  • Level 3 Personal Training.

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