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Planning your return to training after lockdown? Here’s some advice to help minimise the risk of injury and soreness

07 July 2020

With the UK Government announcing the framework for a return to recreational team sport, many people – keen amateurs, student-athletes and elite performers alike – will be starting to plan for their return to training. Many will have been keeping active during the past few months by working out at home or going for runs but the demands of sport-specific training, particularly in field and contact sports, can be very different. Harri Cizmic – Lead...

Take your home exercise routine up to a higher gear with new Target Cycling class on our Stay In, Work Out fitness timetable for July 6-12

05 July 2020

If you have a stationary exercise bike at home, then you will love one of the new additions to our Stay In, Work Out fitness timetable for July 6-12, 2020.  Our 30-minute Target Cycling class on Wednesday morning can be done on any static bike with RPM and is guaranteed to get those legs and lungs working! Team Bath trainer Sam Holmes is also running two of his ever-popular live classes - legs, bums &...

More great opportunities to workout at home with Team Bath’s online fitness timetable for June 29 to July 5

28 June 2020

As we head into the fourth month of our Stay In, Work Out online fitness activities, there are more live exercise classes, new home workouts and yoga demonstrations to look forward to plus a new wellbeing podcast. This week's live classes with Team Bath trainer Sam Holmes include a HIIT session on Friday direct from the exercise studio at the Sports Training Village. There is another yoga class from Danii Bachkirov on Thursday, as well...

Exercising or training in the heat? Remember to stay well hydrated to avoid the risk of injury or illness

23 June 2020

Summer is here and with temperatures set to hit the 30s in parts of England this week, it is important to stay hydrated while working out or exercising in the heat – particularly if you are returning to training after lockdown. Dehydration can cause a loss of concentration, negatively effect your energy levels and restrict your body’s performance, increasing the risk of injury. It can also lead to heat illness and, in extreme circumstances, exertional...

Feel the rhythm with free hip hop, dance and gymnastics classes during Stay In, Work Out activities for June 22-28

21 June 2020

Hip hop and contemporary dance classes, children's rhythmic gymnastic sessions and more yoga workshops are among the new additions to our Stay In, Work Out timetable of free fitness activities for June 22-28.  Our partners at Team Bath Rhythmic Gymnastics are launching a series of exciting live classes this week and are providing free trials on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. As well as gymnastics skills for children aged five-10, there will also be a fitness...

Time to get moving as Team Bath Rhythmic Gymnastics offer free trial of new online dance, hip hop, fitness and skills sessions

18 June 2020

Team Bath Rhythmic Gymnastics are offering people the chance to work on their dance, flexibility, fitness and gymnastics skills in fun new interactive online classes being launched next week. Among the activities on offer are hip hop and contemporary dance classes, ideal for all those seeking to hone their TikTok routines, and a dynamic dance fitness session using a wide range of styles and music. Those sessions are being run by former British gymnast and...

New yoga themes and fresh air fitness using everyday props feature in our free Stay In, Work Out activities for 15-21 June

14 June 2020

We've added new work-outs you can try in your garden, using everyday props from home, to this week's free Stay In, Work Out fitness activities for June 15-21 as well as some new yoga-themed classes. The guided sessions, streamed live via our YouTube channel, start bright and early on Monday morning with a legs, bums & tums class followed by a kettlebell blast workout. Don't worry if you miss any of the live sessions, though, as...

Wake up to live Team Bath exercise classes and train like a pentathlete during this week’s ‘Stay In, Work Out’ activities

19 April 2020

Live morning exercise classes from Team Bath trainer Sam Holmes and a home workout using a kitchen chair are among the new fitness activities on offer in this week's 'Stay In, Work Out' timetable (April 20-26). Sam will now be providing his popular live YouTube body-conditioning and burn sessions at 7am on Mondays and Wednesdays respectively but don't worry if you are not an early riser - they will be available in full during the...

VIDEO: Four shoulder-strengthening exercises to reduce the risk of injury and aid performance

14 March 2020

The shoulder is one of the most mobile joints in the body but there is a fragile equilibrium between stability and mobility.  In this video, Team Bath physio Katy Williams looks at four exercises you can do anywhere that build endurance of the external rotator at the back of the shoulder, helping to reduce the risk of injury and aid performance. Click here to see more top-tips videos for fitness, health, lifestyle and sport.

VIDEO: Five best stretching exercises you can perform at home

13 March 2020

To keep your body working at the best of its ability, you need to have a good range of movement and flexibility so here are five stretches that will dynamically mobilise your hips, shoulders and upper back. These exercises can be done anywhere, can be done as part of a repeated stretching circuit or you can add them to your warm-up routine. Click here to see more top-tip videos in health, fitness, lifestyle and...

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