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Many of our customers provide us with feedback on how we’re doing and especially about the staff based at the Team Bath Sports Training Village as well as in the gym and fitness centre.  Here are just a few:

“I love how they are constantly providing students with new opportunities! Whether it’s a pilates class, Zumba, target cycling, TRX or a chance to try state of the art equipment! The staff are really friendly and always happy to help you work towards your fitness goals! “


I am a local Bath resident and recently decided to join the gym. I am in my 50s and, wanting to get fit, have been thinking about joining as I live so near.

I hesitated in the past as I imagined I would feel somewhat intimidated by the athletes working out there. However I took the plunge, came a couple of weeks ago and booked in to have an induction plus a programme suggestion.

One of your staff, Matt, was assigned to me for this purpose and I just wanted to let you know how impressed I was with him. He had an excellent manner, was extremely personable and had just the right approach for what I needed. He put me at ease straight away, gave very clear demonstrations of the equipment, and understood my needs perfectly.

Far from feeling intimidated, I came away feeling so encouraged and enthused! I have a clear programme that is manageable as well as challenging.

I can’t speak highly enough of Matt and his approach for someone like me, who does not fit into your usual client category of student or athlete so I felt I wanted to let you know, and to pass on my thanks to him.

Sharon Jackson

When I joined the gym I had been using two crutches for six years after undergoing spinal surgery as a result of a cycling accident. I read that para-athletes had trained at Team Bath and I thought that maybe it was possible that they would work with me.

My personal goal was simply to find a way to find a better way to manage my pain but Joni, the physio, told me I was aiming too low – she encouraged me to exercise not just within in the limits of my disability but to also challenge them. 

Team Bath introduced me to an amazing and inspirational trainer,  Sandra Smith. In our first session she said she was going to get me using just one crutch and I laughed as my doctors had told me I needed to accept my limitations. However, Sandra took me back to basics, teaching me to balance and move effectively; taking time to correct my posture and technique.

She has consistently challenged me and, along the way with a lot of sweat and laughter, two crutches became one and then none. Surprisingly she also introduced me to weightlifting. When she first suggested it I thought she had finally lost the plot but I love it – my body is strong and I feel strong. I have finally learned to love my body for what it is capable of.

I cannot think of any other place which would have allowed me to achieve all that I have achieved, where the staff are so supportive and where there is  such a willingness to compensate for physical challenges.

Carrie Fletcher (click here to read her testimonial in full)

The brilliant staff make swimming and using the facilities a pleasure and are certainly part of the reason – a big part – as to why I continue my membership and come here. I accidentally left my bag in the changing room whilst I swam but the staff went out of their way to let me know before I realised it was missing, which spared any stress and panic. All staff are always not only efficient and professional but so friendly and supportive, going that little bit further – they are cheerful and a joy to deal with.

Rachel Roberts

The 50m swimming pool is a fabulous facility and those of us who love in or near Bath feel privileged to be able to use it. Almost as important as the pool itself, however, are the reception staff and lifeguards. Every one of them is friendly, well informed, unflappable and always willing to help or answer questions. I would single out Liz, Estrella, Luke, Doreen and Clare as particularly wonderful people and valuable employees!

Linda Blair

I have been a member of the gym since the Sports Training Village first opened, during which time there have been many improvements and upgrades. The atmosphere in the gym is positive, with the focus on your own personal fitness. I find this helpful as you can work at your own pace and level, and not feel inhibited.

The staff are friendly and always encouraging. The gym is always a good place to visit and invariably you feel better for your workout.

John Stevens

The facilities are excellent value and it is a privilege to train alongside elite athletes who represent their country. A special mention must be made to Doreen on reception – she must see hundreds of people every day but always remembers my name!

Joe Bennett

Exceptional front-desk staff, always positive and helpful. They help to provide a positive working environment.

Bryan Taylor

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