Athletic Profiling

Physical profiling

As part of the Futures programme, athletes complete termly physical profiling to track their development and response to the programme. Physical profiling looks to monitor key athletic development metrics across a broad range of different abilities, assessing athletes’ strengths and work-ons to become well-rounded, capable athletes.

In addition to the physical profiling, athletes on the Gold Performance programme are monitored on other key measurements related to their sport as part of their ongoing physical programming.

Using the state-of-the-art equipment available at the Team Bath High Performance Gym, athletes can be measured in detail and provides information that would be like that of a professional athlete performing at the highest level.

This physical testing profiling covers the following areas:

  • Anthropometrics;
  • Movement;
  • Strength;
  • Power and Reactivity;
  • Speed and Acceleration;
  • Muscular Capacity.

Growth and maturation

The athletic development and physical preparation of young athletes is a complex jigsaw puzzle. Growing up involves the growth, maturation and development of many different systems and body parts, and these processes all act over a period of many years until the child reaches full maturity as an adult.

In every individual, these processes differ in terms of their timing and tempo. Key periods occur during adolescence, such as puberty and the period of peak height and peak weight velocity, which may affect athletic development.

How do we measure and monitor the growth and maturation of our athletes?

The biological maturity of each athlete is assessed using a method known as the Khamis-Roche method. This will be carried out termly to measure progress through childhood and adolescence.

This will provide us with:

  • The estimated peak adult height the athlete will reach;
  • The athlete’s current height as a percentage of this stature (this can determine where along their development the athlete is);
  • What phase of training the athlete is in and what might change in their athletic development sessions.

A sample of the athletic growth and maturation report can be found by clicking here.

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