Strength and conditioning

Active IQ Level 4 Certificate in Strength and Conditioning

Course Overview:

To provide learners with the knowledge and skills to be able to plan, prepare, deliver and review strength and conditioning programmes that will help athletes to achieve their performance goals. During the qualification learners will cover the following:

  • The role of a strength and conditioning coach as part of an athlete’s support team.
  • Methods of carrying out performance-related needs analysis, measurements and assessments.
  • Strategies to analyse and evaluate assessment findings in order to be able to develop and agree short-, medium- and long-term performance goals.
  • Planning, delivering and evaluating periodised, performance-related strength and conditioning programmes.


This qualification provides progression on to:

  • Higher education (e.g. college or university) to study strength and conditioning at a higher level.
  • University of Bath Strength and Conditioning Education Programme.
  • UKSCA Accreditation Pathway (ASCC).
  • NSCA Certification Pathway (CSCS).
  • Strength and Conditioning Internship

Course Dates:

Online/Home study, starting; Monday 2nd April 2018

4 face-face weekends (Saturday – Sunday 9am-5pm):

  • Weekend 1 – 28-29 April.
  • Weekend 2 –  26-27 May.
  • Weekend 3 – 23-24 June.
  • Weekend 4 – 28/29 July.

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Strength and Conditioning Education Programme (SCEP)

Course overview

The Strength and Conditioning Education Programme is an innovative course of learning designed to:

  1. Prepare you for a potential career in the competitive strength and conditioning industry
  2. Enhance your knowledge and capabilities as a coach of athletes and sports performers

For a summary of the course syllabus, download our information pack (arriving shortly).

In preparation for undertaking the UK Strength and Conditioning Association accreditation, SCEP is delivered through:

  • High quality online learning materials written and delivered at the University of Bath
  • Practical weekend-based delivery with highly qualified and experienced strength and conditioning educators
  • A support programme that includes mentoring opportunities, guest lectures, career workshops and access to core and supplementary texts
  • A comprehensive course that will underpin your development as a strength and conditioning coach
  • Modules to be taken over one year or longer, in which you will study a range of subjects, with emphasis on:
    • The principles of coaching
    • Technical skills and Olympic lifting
    • Advanced programming and athlete support

The SCEP programme prepares students for work in a high performance sport environment. You will have practical training, working alongside high performance sports teams and learn from specialist practitioners.

Applications are invited from Sport Science (or associated academic disciplines) graduates, Level 3 REPS-accredited individuals and coaches from the sports industry to be part of the first cohort in this exciting educational programme. Previous experience in sport science/anatomy and physiology is preferred but not essential.

Course Dates

Starting October 2018

Course Fee

SCEP University of Bath Student – £750 (including BWLA L1 Weightlifting)
SCEP External – £1,000

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Before applying, please read our course terms and conditions.

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