Sports massage

Sports Massage and Soft Tissue Therapy is an invigorating form of treatment that is essential for general muscle and connective tissue maintenance.

A Team Bath sports massage and soft-tissue therapist talks to Team Bath TV about what massage therapy at the Sports training Village can offer the public and our athletes.

This type of massage facilitates optimum performance, prevents and rehabilitates injuries and is tailored to the individual.

It is a practical, specific application of Myofascial, Swedish massage, compressions, deep tissue, cross-fiber friction, and stretching techniques.

Sports Massage can yield immediate, significant, and positive results in sports performance, range of movement improvement and injury rehabilitation.

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Sports massage is not only a tool for the injured but also the non-injured as a maintenance and wellbeing tool.

  • Can help you relax and alleviate you physical and psychological stresses.
  • Restore and maintain range of movement
  • Improve posture and mobility
  • Improve athletic performance and day to day activity
  • Can lessen the risk of injury or reoccurrence of injury
  • Improved recovery from training and competition
  • Improved tissue quality and structure
  • Time out from the daily stresses of life
  • Improved mood and sleep through deeper relaxation
  • Sports massage every 3 to 5 weeks in our experience is an effective frequency for the maintenance of the majority of injury recovery, postural and wellbeing needs.
  • For a general sports massage for wellbeing purposes we recommend allowing for 45 mins to an hour to cover the majority of the body.
  • For more targeted and specific sport massage we recommend allowing for 10 to 15 mins per area/body part to allow adequate time for effective treatment.

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30 Minutes
Public £30
Student, Staff and Gym members £27

45 Minutes
Public £40
Student, Staff and Gym members £36

60 Minutes
Public £50
Student, Staff and Gym members £45

NGB and scholarships are priced on a case by case basis.


  • Prevent – muscle and tendon (Soft tissue) injury
  • Reduce – pain as well as stresses and strains on the joints.
  • Enhances – recovery and ability to train or perform with improved soft tissue performance.
  • Improves – circulation, Range of Motion (ROM) and general well being.


  • Pre-event treatment – assist in preparing you for an event, ensuring muscle fibers are at optimal length and can aid in calming nervous tension whilst invigorating the tissue for the upcoming event.
  • Post-event treatment – Aids recovery and ensures that ongoing training is not compromised.
  • Maintenance treatment – This is usually on going work with clients who benefit from treatment. It assists in preventing or managing chronic injuries and addressing on going postural or repetitive strain issues.
  • Cupping Therapy – Cupping can provide pain relief and help ease the symptoms of many common disorders of the bones and muscle. It can also provide pain relief by exciting small nerves inside muscles so they can release pain-killing chemicals. Cupping is used to ease scar tissue deep within muscles and connective tissues, and reduce swelling and muscle knots.

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