Regional Player Development Centre (RPDC)

The mission of the Team Bath Tennis Regional Player Development Centre (RPDC) is to create a transformational development environment. We will do so by making it innovative, exclusive, professional and welcoming to ensure we are continually inspiring, evolving and supporting our next generation of players with excellence.

Ultimately we strive to deliver world-class coaching and support to increase the number of national players able to transition effectively to the International Junior Stage of the LTA Player Pathway by the age of 14.

  • Each RPDC player will have an Individual Development Plan (IDP) that will be reviewed at a minimum of twice a year for each full-time player.
  • The design of each player’s tennis programme is based upon their individual needs, and our player/person development philosophy.
  • Programmes will progress in volume and intensity to ensure players graduate from the RPDC prepared to meet the demands of the International Junior Stage of the pathway.
  • We have a constant desire to improve and challenge to achieve winning results.

The RPDC follows the wider academy principles of:

  • Hitting at the top of the bounce;
  • Moving through the ball;
  • Following a good hit (transition to the net);
  • Attacking second serves.

The RPDC follows a curriculum – written by the coaches – which is in line with the wider Team Bath Performance Academy programme, ensuring we imbed the fundamentals to build International Juniors at 14U. The curriculum reflects the Performer and Player principles of the Team Bath philosophy, with a greater focus on athletic and emotional/psychological resilience development at the specific 14U age.

Players have access to technical, tactical and match-play sessions. These sessions are always underpinned by the psychological aspects of the game. Coaches work at this daily, with the help of sports psychologists, to make the players as mentally robust as possible. Players can have additional off-court sessions with sports psychologists if required. Alongside this players engage in strength and conditioning training, prehab sessions and on-court movement coaching.
Support while away at tournaments is key to a player’s success. Our coaches travel to domestic and international tournaments to watch players compete and monitor how their game is developing, providing a true reflection of their progress.

Team Bath Tennis RPDC selection policy

1. Player is nominated onto the LTA RPDC long list.
2. Contact Team Bath RPDC Head Coach Lauren English.
3. Follow-up conversation regarding the programme.
4. On and off-court evaluation at Team Bath.
5. Further discussions regarding if the player fits the programme.

Find out more about the Player Pathway and Regional Player Development Centres on the LTA website here.

For players to be part of the Team Bath RPDC they must either be on the LTA long list or a player that we believe could achieve National Pathway level.

If the player is of the level and all parties agree that Team Bath is the right training environment then a player can start either immediately, at the beginning of the next academic term or at the commencement of the new Academic School year.

Find out more about our partner secondary schools, Prior Park College and Ralph Allen School, A visit can be arranged either via Team Bath RPDC or directly with the school.

If a player comes off the LTA RPDC list while training at Team Bath, they will remain part of the programme in appropriate squads and sessions for their level but there may be a change in the programme delivery.

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