University Club Programme

The University of Bath student tennis club gives students performing at a mid-to-good level the opportunity to train and further their interest in the sport (click here for details of the high-performance student programme).

Our club programme

The club welcomes players of all abilities and encourages them to meet other tennis players of a similar standard through

  • The provision of court time
  • The provision of club coaching sessions
  • Coaching Clinics
  • Club championships
  • Ladder Leagues
  • Cardio Tennis
  • Touch Tennis
  • Social nights

Coaching timetable

The recreational coaching programme, which offers three levels of coaching (from beginner to advanced), takes place on a semesterly basis with each course consisting of 10 1-hour weekly sessions at a cost of £50 per semester. All sessions are led by two coaches who each hold (at minimum) a Level 3 LTA Coaching qualification, and the courses follow a set theme in order to help participants develop their game across all areas.

Visit for further details.

Recreational weekly timetable

Each week we have a wide range of activities for all levels, including free supervised social play on the outdoor courts from 1-4pm on Wednesdays (weather permitting); advanced recreational tennis sessions from 8-10pm on Tuesdays; and a Sunday Box League for fun weekend matches. Click here to see the full programme and find out more.

University Tennis Club Committee

Click here for contact details.

University tennis coordinator

The flagship of the Tennis Foundation’s University strategy is the University Coordinator (UTC) programme to develop tennis through creating opportunities for students to play, compete and receive the latest training packages as volunteers or coaches. Email Charles Nichols for further details.

Partners and Suppliers