It is important to us that everyone is allowed to play, coach or spectate in a safe, welcoming and inclusive environment. If you have any concerns or any feedback about your experience then please raise them with our welfare officer Tom Ellis (te256@bath.ac.uk) or safeguarding team.

Our Safeguarding Mission Statement

Our mission is to ensure that all tennis players are safe from harm at all times and can thrive in an environment which is secure and free from abuse and bullying of any kind.

We work hard to proactively create a welcoming atmosphere which develops the sporting, social and emotional needs of everyone. Within our centre people are nurtured, valued and treated equally. Worries, concerns and thoughts are listened to and addressed in an environment of mutual respect.

Top resources for players, parents and coaches

Please visit Safe To Play (safetoplaytennis.co.uk) for more information on welfare in tennis which applies to coaches, parents, players and venue.

For more information on how to deal with the pressures of playing tennis please visit here: Coping With The Demands Of Tennis | LTA.

For more information on parents’ workshops and guides for getting started with competing, visit here: Guide for parents: How to start with Youth Compete| LTA.

Child Protection Policy

Click here to read the Department of Sports Development and Recreation (Team Bath) Child Protection Policy (updated June 2024).

Click here to read the University of Bath Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy.

Click here to report safeguarding concerns to DSDR Lead Safeguarding officer.

LTA Minimum Safeguarding Standards

Team Bath Tennis recognises and endorses the LTA Minimum Safeguarding Standards.

Click here for details of how to report a safeguarding concern within the tennis environment.

Click here for details of how to report a safeguarding concern outside the tennis environment.

Clean Tennis

Team Bath are committed to ensuring that tennis in Britain is a drug-free sport. Please click here to visit the LTA website which includes details on anti-doping policies and procedures that are in place, together with further information and resources for players to help keep tennis clean. Click here to read Team Bath’s Clean Sport commitment.

If you have any questions on clean tennis please speak to Tom Ellis, our Clean Tennis point of contact, or email him at te256@bath.ac.uk.

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