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Team Bath Netball 2015-16 - Eboni Beckford-Chambers v Surrey Storm

Team Bath’s netball players are amongst our highest achieving athletes. They represent us as true ambassadors for the city, the region and women’s sport.  As significant role models they can put something back into your business and give you a cutting edge.

More than 30 of our Team Bath players have played for England since netball’s Superleague began.

Despite competing at the highest level, many of our netballers still need to work either full-time or part-time and fit their twice-daily training sessions around those demands.

Netball does not attract the level of funding that the big Olympic sports, football, cricket and rugby enjoy.

If you would like to get behind our top players and offer them some help to ease their financial worries we have a series of ‘adopt-a-player’ packages.

As little as £500 per year can put enough fuel in the car for a player to get to training each week.

£1,000 a year could help off-set the cost of kit and trainers.

With £1,500 a year, our student netballers can off-set some of their student fees.

£5,000 a year could mean a player dropping to part-time work rather than working 40 hours a week as well as training so hard.

For more information on what we can do in return for your business, e-mail Caroline Searle.

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